Who we are


Vizaro is a Spanish family business. First of all we are parents and we have very clear principles.



Offer ONLY products designed and manufactured in Europe:

We guarantee a complete manufacture of the product in Europe, both the final assembly and its main components. For us, manufacturing in Europe is the best way to guarantee the quality and safety of our products to our customers.


Promote Responsible Consumption.

We do not like the concept of "use, throw and buy again". We believe that it is better to offer products of good quality that can have several lives and therefore can enjoy several babies. Our textiles hold hundreds of washes. Our carts are robust and durable. Our toys are something else, they are memories for a lifetime.


Safety of harmful chemicals for babies.

Unfortunately, there are many unsafe products in the baby market, often made in Asia. We have set ourselves the goal of selling only safe products for our babies and therefore all our products are controlled against harmful substances.


Transparency and honesty.

We are parents, we will never offer a product that we would not have bought. Our products include their main accessories in the price offered (in the case of baby strollers the price offered includes bag, mosquito net, rain protector, wheel covers). We pay our taxes in Spain, we do not work with tax havens.



Vizaro is based in Spain and our main clients are in Europe. We also have the capacity to work with clients from all over the world.



Email: info@vizaro.es
Phone: (+34) 685 086 143

You can also contact us here.


Vizaro, Calle Isla de Sálvora 39, 28400, Collado Villalba, Spain
Vizaro, Avenida de Arqueros 43, 3-B, 28024, Madrid, Spain
Tax Info:
Vizaro Made In Europe S.L., Calle Isla de Sálvora 39, 28400, Collado Villalba, Spain
CIF B87605788
Sociedad inscrita en Registro Mercantil de M. tomo 34912, folio 170, i. 1