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If you like a specific color of a Vizaro Travel System or any other Vizaro product, and prefer to wait and buy it later, we recommend that you book it. Although the Vizaro Travel System and other Vizaro products are already manufactured and in stock, some colors are finished by seasons although in a few weeks there is stock again but this way we ensure that your color is available to you when you go to buy it.


Booking a Vizaro Travel System or other product Vizaro is totally free, you do not have to advance any money, the product is paid when the purchase is executed (you would receive it in only 3-5 days once the purchase is executed on our website store ). If at any given time you want to reverse the booking or change the color you tell us and we do it without problems, the booking does not commit you to anything.


To book a baby Vizaro Travel System or any other product Vizaro simply fill out the form below and we make the booking and confirm it by email.


Once the product has been booked, the order can be placed at any time (even if on our website it says that the product is sold out, it can be purchased, the system allows it to do so - in the case of a booked product the lack of stock does not apply - ). Please indicate in comments of the order that it is a booked product, for our internal control. It is important that when a product booked in our online store is purchased, the same contact email with which the booking has been made is used (for our internal control). If you book a product that is not in stock now, Vizaro notifies you when it is available so you can order at that time or later when you want.


In case of any doubt about the bookings, please contact us here



We will let you know by WhatsApp that we have answered your inquiry.
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