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Vizaro's baby prams are simply different, the characteristics described below apply to all Vizaro's models:


Rubber Wheels: the authentic vehicles should be aquipped with rubber wheels!

Vizaro's baby carriages are equipped with rubber wheels which provides better damping and so better comfort while driving, better grip to the floor and less wear on the wheels. That is why they are used in cars and bicycles. Rigid wheels provides less amortization and greater wear on the wheels, they should be replaced  over time.

You can choose to have rubber wheels with air inside or foam.





Large, reclining Carry Cot: your portable bassinet!


Vizaro's extra-large carry cot allows the baby to stretch and sleep as in a real crib.

Now you can travel without any worries as you know that your baby will sleep in Vizaro's Carry cot as you were at home. While you are at home, Vizaro recommend to release the Carry cot from the chassis and put the carry cot in the living room on the flor, so that you could stay close to your baby while he is sleeping and rock the Carry Cot softly ( rocking only in Vizaro Pearl).

The backrest can be reclined to 4 different positions, which will be usefull when baby wants to be more upright.



Only natural and weather-resistant fabrics such as linen and cotton free of toxic substances: your baby prefers the natural fabric!

Check out yourself in the closest baby store or in our ''showroom'' the quality of our natural fabric.

The outer linen fabric keeps the baby warm in winter and protects from wind. The ventilation system keeps the baby cool in summer also  the mosquito net that covers the whole pram protects from insects.

The inner cotton fabric are removable and washable in the washing machine, it is easy to keep it clean as in the first day of use.

All fabric are produced in the European Union in order to warranty the highest quality and security for your baby, beside that all the dye used in production of fabric are toxic free and safe for your baby.



Stay close to your baby: protect your back!.

Vizaro's Carry Cot position is higher than a majority of prams available in the market (approximately at the level of a dining table). It protects you back while picking up or putting down your baby and allows you to stay in close touch with your baby. You can easily lover the Carry Cot position by removing the height adapters.



Sun protection: your baby will stay in the shadow in whatever direction you walk!

Many pushchairs protects the baby from the sun using the 90° hood and an umbrella. Nevertheless the use of umbrella might be a little uncomfortable during the walk as it is necessary  to adjust its position every time you change the walk direction in order to give the shadow to the baby. Vizaro provides an excellent complete protection with our 180° pushchair hood and/or with combination of the hood and foot muff the baby will be protected against sun/ wind while walking all the time long.

If you wish, you may attach a decorative umbrella into the pram while you are staying for a longer time in one position in order to make the pram more beautiful.

All outer Vizaro's fabric has an information label about the level of sun protection which is "UV50+".



Fold it up easily taking up a few space: you can go everywhere you want!

Vizaro's baby carriage are folding easily and quickly thanks to a  book type folding system. In pushchair mode you may fold the stroller without releasing the seat from the chassis.

If you need to save an extra space in the car for a longer trip you may remove from the chassis the seat, basket, changing bag, front and rear wheels.

This video demonstrate how is it is to fold our prams.see video



Strong, resistant but lightweight and elegant aluminum chassis: you will notice the quality immediately!

All Vizaro's prams have a robust, lightweight and elegance chassis made of aluminum. Compare it yourself with other prams, you will notice the difference.

Vizaro gives 2 years of warranty with a technical service in Spain.

All our prams are made manually in the European Union, including every components. see vídeo.



Excellent wheels damping and direction memory system patented for this high premium class prams: your baby will love the ride!

All Vizaro's prams are equipped with a patented wheels damping and memory direction system: SAS (Shock Absorption System) y DMS (Direction Memory System).

Please look at the wheel's shock absorbers, they provide a pleasant and soft ride wherever you go as you will meet any challenge like walking down stairs, uneven pavements, kerbs.

SAS (Shock Absorption System) allows you to pass through road obstacles without noticing any chassis vibration. Each wheels is equipped with its own shock-absorbing mechanism.

DMS (Direction Memory System) of the front wheels remembers the ride direction before meeting an obstacle and keeps the wheels in the same position to avoid they crossing over and vibrations.

It is possible to  block the direction of the front wheels in order to keep them straight, this is an excellent  option while jogging.

See vídeo.



Safe and versatile Car Seat mode: protect your baby and save on supplement!

Vizaro's Car seat is suitable for the use from birth to 13 kg, made in the European Union fulfilling all European safety regulations according to norm ECE R44/04.

The Car seat fabric color match perfectly the rest of the baby carriage components, including the hood, foot muff and foam wedge head support (removable and washable in the washing machine). The car seat adapts as your child grows. Putting the car seat on the floor you may take advantage and use it as a rocker or as a highchair to feed your baby.

If you have already a car seat, you may buy just a suitable adapters and collocate it at your Vizaro's chassis

(our adapters are compatible to the following brands: Cybex, Maxi Cosi, Carlo, Ramatti).



All accessories are included in the price: save money on components!

Many prams doesn't include accessories in their price, please take it into account while comparing prices. Most of the parents consider some of the extra components as very useful, such as a rain cover or changing bag.

Vizaro's prams include all the following essential accessories as changing bag, rain cover, mosquito net and cup holder. The umbrella isn't included as we do not consider it essential, thanks to the 180° pushchair hood and foot muff your baby will stay protected against the sun all the time long.



See all videos of VIZARO'S PRAMS.








Enjoy the quality and functionality of Vizaro Onyx pram at a competitive price.

  • Wheel rims in the same color as chassis.
  • Linen fabric in the same color for all components (UPF 50+).
  • Luxury Cotton lining.
  • Adjustable Hood and foot muff for Carry Cot, Pushchair & Car Seats.
  • Leather style finish handle.
  • Changing bag, rain cover, mosquito net and cup holder.
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Instructions in Spanish, English, French, Italian, German & Portuguese.



  • Available chassis colors: white / black.
  • Available fabric colors: black, beige (very light brown), grey.

More info about Vizaro Onyx.

Buy Vizaro Onyx on Online Shop.








Vizaro Pearl is our high "Premium" pram. In addition all the characteristics described above for Vizaro Onyx, includes all the following:

  • Chassis with an ergonomic design.
  • Denim fabric.
  • Bottom covered basket.
  • Carry Cot with hidden chassis adapters.
  • Carry Cot base of PVC.
  • Carry Cot rocker mode (only if putted on the floor).



  • Available chassis colors: white / black.
  • Available fabric colors: dark grey denim, light grey denim, beige denim (very light brown), blue denim.

More info about Vizaro Pearl.

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