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Buy a high quality baby travel system with the best value for money and the widest warranty in the market (3 years) in the Vizaro online store.

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From € 45 / month in 12 months
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* Price with ALL accessories included so you do not have to buy anything else:

Matching bag - Cobertor Textil de Capaigo Coat and Chair - Cushion capazo - Bubble rain - Mosquito net - Bottle holder - Mattress chair ride



Only us offer 3 years of Premium Warranty with Technical Service in Spain and free return in 30 days, even having tested the stroller in the street.





Carrito Bebé Vizaro Pearl





Your baby is part of you, take it wherever you go

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With the baby travel systems Vizaro your baby can enjoy the city, go down with you to the beach, walk through the countryside and accompany you when going for a run. Vizaro is comfortable for the city you pass over raised tiles and low curbs even if you do not see them. With a Vizaro baby car, unlike many brands, you do not have to look at the floor continuously in case you get a little bump and your stroller is stuck. Its 4x cushioning and rubber wheels swallow all the bumps, you can go looking at the landscape or your baby while you walk. Enjoy your favorite terraces with your baby, thanks to the high chair, you can use the Vizaro baby pram as a high chair to avoid having the baby on top of you continuously. Its large rubber rear wheels and 4x cushioning allow you to climb up and down stairs carefully with the baby inside without having to take the trolley in weight. At the same time you have an elegant, fine and modern line to go to celebrations and have dinner at the fashionable restaurant in your city.

Vizaro chair allows its use until 3.5 -4 years, being larger than most brands in which the chair is small at 2 years. Therefore, with the Vizaro baby travel systems you avoid the purchase of the second age stroller. Still, Vizaro allows the folding with the chair placed remaining quite flat and fits perfectly in small car trunks (in micro trunks you have to press a button to remove the rear wheels). Thanks to its aluminum chassis a very low weight is guaranteed.

Vizaro is a specialist in textiles due to its origin as a brand of crib clothes: possibly our textiles are the best in the market of baby prams and also the safest, thanks to the UV 50+ and OekoTex 100 certifications. Your baby will be protected against The dangerous UV rays while covered with the hood of the cart. In addition our textiles are certified so that a baby can suck them without risk of swallowing toxic products in the dyes. The outer textiles are based on linen which gives them an incomparable softness, especially in the Vizaro Pearl Pearl baby stroller. The interior of the carrycot is upholstered in 100% white cotton, being possible to draw it to wash it. You can use the Vizaro carrycot as a bassinet or mini-cradle in your house (outside the chassis, supporting it on the ground). Ideal for the baby to sleep in the lounge, at the pool, on the beach or at the grandparents' house.




Vizaro, el mejor cochecito para disfrutar con tu bebé