Vizaro Pearl - Luxury 3 in 1 Baby Travel System - Big Discount from 679€






Vizaro Pearl, the Vizaro's Premium 3 in 1 Travel System


Vizaro Pearl



• Chassis with an ergonomic design, sport wheels.
• Premium quality "Denim" outer fabrics.
• Bottom covered basket.
• Carrycot with unseen chassis adapters, base made of PVC.
• Carrycot rocker mode (only if putted on the floor).
• 4 large air wheels with patented Shock Absortion System.
• Aluminum light weight chassis.
• Luxury Cotton lining, leather style finish handlebar.
• Adjustable hood &foot muff for Carry Cot, Pushchair & CarSeat
• Changing bag, rain cover, mosquito net and cup holder.


• Available fabric colors: dark grey denim, light grey denim, beige denim (very light brown), blue denim.
• Available chassis colors: white / black.


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Pram Mode

Vizaro Pearl Pram Mode



Vizaro PEARL Pram Mode:
• Extra Large lie flat Carrycot.
• Ventilation system in Carrycot hood and Bassinet bottom keeps the baby cool in summer.
• Reclined backrest to 4 different positions, usefull when baby wants to be more upright.
• Easy release from the chassis thanks to CLICK Mode system.

• From birth up to 9 kg.

• Mattress included.
• Strong, durable, weather resistant, natural certificated fabric provides sun protection SPF50+.
• Luxury 100% Cotton lining,  removable and washable in the washing machine.
• Adjustable Hood.
• Leather style finish Carrycot handle.
• High position of Carrycot to provide mother's nearness.
• Carry Cot rocker mode (only if putted on the floor)







Push Chair Mode

Vizaro Pearl Baby Pushchair




• Multifunctional seat faces both ways, face the world ( provides the baby better interaction with surroundings) and face parent( for better interaction with the parents).
• The seat includes a hood, foot muff and leather finish bumper bar.
• Adjustable hood covers almost completely the seat protecting the baby against the sun. Using the hood and the foot muff it is not necessary to collocate an additional umbrella.
• Ventilation system in the back of the Seat Hood keeps the baby cool in summer.
• Reclined backrest to 3 different positions. May be used for sleeping.
• Easy release from the chassis thanks to CLICK Mode system.

• From 6 up to 36 months.

• Five point fixed safety harness. Leather style handle bar.
• Extra liner included to provide the highest comfort during the ride .
• Adjustable leg rest, handle height and harness height.










Car Seat Mode

Vizaro Pearl Car Seat Mode


- Group 0+ fits to Vizaro chassis.
- Compatible with all cars by fixing it with safetybelts.

- Isofix compatible
- Lightweight and easy to carry, comfortable seat adapts as your child grows.
• From birth up to 12 months or 13 kg weight.

• Foldable handle.
• Padded interior.
• Foam wedge head support for newborn.
• Padded adjustable harness.
• Linen hood and foot muff fabric in the same color for all components (SPF 50+).
• Easy release from the chassis thanks to CLICK Mode system.
• Putting the car seat on the floor you may take advantage and use it as a rocker or as a highchair to feed your baby (putting the handle in the lowest position).
• Made in the European Union in accordance to the Standard E20 44r-04 2064.









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